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Engine Builds & Exhaust---
  • Mild Performance Small Blocks (275HP+) & Big Blocks (375HP+) Naturally Aspirated (N/A)
  • High/ Ultra High Performance Small Blocks (350-550HP+)  Big Blocks (450-750HP+)
  • Small & Big Block Strokers 331 347 383 408 427 514 533 etc​..   (375-1000HP+)
          Turbo, Twins, Supercharger, or  N/A for high performance engine builds
  • Head Porting on Aluminum or Iron heads Stage 1, Stage 2, or Stage 3  
  • Port matching Intake manifolds (...nearly all aftermarket manifolds come with smaller port openings than the ports on 
          your stock OR aftermarket heads. Make sure yours is port matched or you will be losing Horsepower)
  • Custom Exhaust with madrel bent tubing, and Electric header cut-out custom installs.     

---Speed parts and aftermarket parts available to purchase seperately. We get very good prices from VSI Inc. and often times we can beat Summit's prices, so call if you have a parts order        

  • Stock Rebuilds on Auto or Manual transmissions
  • Mild/ High/ Ultra High Performance Auto Trans builds. Available with Shift Kits, Alto Eagle 
          clutchs,Reverse Manual Valvebodys, Stall Convertors, better aftermarket parts, billet steel, etc etc...
  • ​Transfer case rebuilds, NP205, Dana 20,etc for 4x4s..

Suspension, Brakes & Steering---
  • Stock applications. With years of experience, we're able to supply you with the best parts available. 
         ...Be careful with chinese parts, or those front end in a box kits..often times you will be replacing most  the front end parts you just 
         bought within a few thousand miles. Also applies to steering parts                    
  • Custom applications- Aftermarket suspension parts/systems, Coil-overs, Mustang II, etc.. Rear panhard 
          bars, traction bars, etc..
---Dealer for---

  • Stock Brakes (Oblsolete brakes shoes, and pads used, which use a much softer compound than anything available in local parts stores or on-line. Call for details)
  • Disk Brake conversions availble using factory style parts or aftermarket from our suppliers, such as SSBC, 
          Wildood, or others.
  • 4-wheel disk for performance street and/or race 
  • Custom brake line bending
  • Line Locks
  • Control Valve rebuilds
  • Aftermarket steering systems and pumps available
  • Eliminate play in steering wheel
  • All Alignment specs are custom for your vehicle

Muscle Car Resoration & Engine Builds
Metal Work/ Rust Repair---
  • Floor pans, Rust removal, Custom sheet metal, Shaved gas caps/door handles, Misc Welding, Panel 
          Replacement(bolt-on or cut-out/weld on) Etc...
PowderCoating ---
  • While your car is here we can also do most powercoating in-house, and can powedercoat most parts that will fit inside a normal household oven.

​Performance Diesel---
  • Specializing in 7.3L Powerstoke Diesel performance. 
  •  ***6.0 coolant filter installs*** 
        If you still have stock oil cooler and egr cooler, it is very important that you install a good quality       
         coolant filtration system. Due to extra small coolant passage ways in your stock oil cooler, casting 
         sand and other particles in you coolant get stuck on their way through the oil cooler which results in
         overheating, blown head gaskets, ruptured egr coolers, and blown engine oil coolers, all of which 
         could have been avoided with a engine coolant filtration system.
         **Coolant filter kit runs about $150, and installation is around $ 100 generally.
          Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax .
  • Hundreds of engine upgrades available, such as, Turbo(s), Wide range of Injectors, Custom 
          tuned chips/Tuners, High Pressure Oil pumps, Manifold/Head porting, Head Studs(a must 
          for modded 6.0's and 7.3's making 35+ psi Boost pressure), Intakes, Exhaust Systems, 
          Fuel Systems, etc etc
  • Minor performance modifications all the way to Full Engine Builds
  • Custom built mandrel DownPipes (4 inches+) , and Exhaust systems
  • Performance Injector Swaps
  • Bolt on/ Semi-Custom/ Full Custom Turbo Swaps

~Full restorations     ~Lift & Levelings Kits and Custom Lifts     ~Tires & Wheels  
~Custom Horizontal Shock Set-ups   ~Suspension     ~Shackle Reverse & Solid Axle Swaps      
~Superduty spring conversions on OBS Ford F250&F-350     ~Transfer Case Rebuilds
~NP205 & Dana 60 Conversions!     ~High Steer Conversions     ~Custom Steering& Stabilizer mounting(s)
  • Gauge installs
  • Rev limiters/Shift lights
  • Charging systems
  • Stereo/Amp installs
  • HID & Relay powered headlights (when your old dim yellow headlights just aren't cuttin it anymore)
         Custom headlights/ Fog & Driving lights
  • Wiring
  • Ignitions & MORE

Tyler's Performance personal shop truck. 1964 Ranchero, Powered by Propane
302, ported Edelbrock heads and Victor Jr. intake. 11.3:1 compression ratio, custom cam